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“No objections” is our most popular phrase.

With our personalized approach to each client, 

nothing else is an option.

Auditing is more than numbers and compliance. Your audit should provide you with the opportunity to make the most of your financial situation. This is why audits by VGD give a full and accurate understanding of your business. Whether it is for you, your clients or your shareholders. Our auditors keeps you and your business up to date. You stay a step ahead of any accounting, financial and regulatory changes that might influence your business.


Our vision

We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we would ourselves find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

VGD Group

We are an international company providing services in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting.

Nexia International

VGD is an active member of the prestigious NEXIA worldwide network. This allows us to provide our professional services worldwide.

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