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Tax advisory

Tax office employees love our coffee.

Of course they do – it is just as strong  and well-balanced as our team.

It’s always important to have a clear understanding of legislation. But when it comes to VAT, excises, customs and import taxes, federal income taxes,… the national laws are extremely complicated.

As for the international laws? They take complication to an entirely new level…

You still need to follow them in their entirety. Which is possible if you invest your time, money and effort trying to understand them. And a great deal more trying to keep up with the changes. Or if you turn to VGD. We keep you ahead of the changes.

And let you spend your time, money and effort on other possibilities.

VGD employs experienced specialists who focus specifically on taxes and the legislation surrounding them.

We take a proactive approach, ensuring you are always fully informed of costs and opportunities you and your business are or will be facing.


Our vision

We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we would ourselves find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

VGD Group

We are an international company providing services in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting.

CLA Global

VGD Czech Republic has become a member of CLA Global, a leading global organization comprised of independent accounting and advisory firms. This allows us to provide our professional services worldwide.