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More than six thousand wages managed monthly

under the watchful eye of the attentive staff that is quite an added value.

Of course it is, since we manage every payment!

The beating heart of any company is the workforce that keeps the wheels turning.

And their happiness is a priority for you. How do you ensure it? Start by paying them on time.

Whether you have anything from a handful to hundreds or thousands of people working for you, this is not an easy task. At least it isn’t easy unless you outsource it to the experts at VGD.

We process several thousand payslips every month. It doesn’t just offer you accuracy and peace of mind. It saves you time and money and allows you to rely on a renowned company with extensive experience in the field.

  • complete payroll processing (including taxes, social and health insurance considerations) tailored to your preferences and requirements;
  • consignment of payslips in discrete envelopes;
  • data transfer into your accounting software;
  • advice in the areas of labour law, social security and health insurance;
  • maintenance of personal records and proactive contact with relevant authorities;
  • absolute confidentiality and complete data security.

Our vision

We provide our customers with professional services, thoroughness included. When it comes to advisory, we strive to offer guidance, that we would ourselves find satisfactory for a renowned partner.

VGD Group

We are an international company providing services in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting.

CLA Global

VGD Czech Republic has become a member of CLA Global, a leading global organization comprised of independent accounting and advisory firms. This allows us to provide our professional services worldwide.